Berlin Dispute Resolution Days

inspired by German Arbitration Institute (DIS)

International Exchange on

Alternative Dispute Resolution

As one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, and the capital of Germany, Berlin stands for an international exchange in business and culture.

This is the right place to discuss topical issues of dispute resolution: Not only does the strong and export-orientated German economy provide for a significant potential of disputes, Germany also ticks all boxes for a neutral venue for international dispute resolution of choice. The German legal framework for dispute resolution is modern, the courts are efficient, arbitration-friendly and predictable in their decisions. The vibrant German arbitration community provides for rich sources for counsel and neutrals. The German Arbitration Institute (DIS) serves as the leading administrator of institutional arbitration proceedings in Germany as well as the nucleus of the German arbitration community with its 1,500 members.

The Berlin Dispute Resolution Days, established in 2022, showcase the importance and relevance of dispute resolution made in Germany. Its centrepiece is the DIS Autumn Conference, traditionally held in English in Berlin, complemented by the DIS40 Autumn Conference, the Humboldt Dispute Resolution Conference and a variety of side events. DIS, the Federal Ministry of Justice and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin/the IDR LL.M. have joined forces for the organisation of the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days.

The Berlin Dispute Resolution Days bring together national and international practitioners, inhouse lawyers, academics, judges, government officials and representatives of other relevant stakeholders. The lectures and discussions held during the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days give new impulses and offer an excellent networking opportunity with leading arbitration experts from Germany and abroad.

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